In order to enable iCloud Sync on your app, you should follow these steps that ensure a proper setup.

Normally by now you should have MoneyCoach installed on your iPhone or main device.


  1. Install the latest MoneyCoach update on all your devices.
  2. Open the app in every device except the main one to check if it is empty.
  3. Go back to your main device, where all the data are.
  4. Do a Dropbox backup. Security always comes first.
  5. Activate iCloud Sync on your main device by choosing “Replace iCloud data with local data”. The data will start to sync now.
  6. Now the original data will be sent to the server, so that the other devices can access them later on.
  7. Go back to your other device.
  8. Activate iCloud there too by choosing “Replace local data with iCloud data”.
  9. All the data found on the server, will now replace the local data found there.
  10. iCloud Sync should be integrated.

If you keep having problems with iCloud Sync, please contact us at support [ at ]

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