How To Manage Property Loans

Managing a property loan or any other loans for that matter is really easy with MoneyCoach with “Smart Goals” as we will demonstrate in the video below. One thing you need to know before is that creating a custom smart goal is a premium feature and requires an active premium subscription.

How To Start With MoneyCoach

If you are reading this post, it probably means that you just downloaded MoneyCoach (Blitz) either on iTunes or Google Play. The monkeys welcome you! We’ve spent years making MoneyCoach intuitive and easy to use, but we believe that a few more tips will make your experience even more pleasant. Starting The Journey You know…


Guide: How To Use MoneyCoach Shortcuts

Transcript: 1 – In 4.1 we introduced MoneyCoach Shortcuts. Do not confuse them with Siri Shortcuts! 2 – It basically does what the name implies, shortcuts for your transactions. Creating a shortcut is extremely easy too! 3 – Tap “Create Shortcut” and find the transaction you want a shortcut for. This is perfect to use for the everyday routine transactions… 4…