Adding a new Transaction is as easy as it can get. However, there are two ways to do it. There is the long and detailed way you can find down below and then there is the 2 seconds way.

Text to use for translation:

1- This is the home screen

2- Tap the rounded + symbol to add a new transaction

3- After you enter your value, you can tap to select your Transaction type as either “Expense” or “Income”

4- Tap on the “Account” to select your account; Tap on “Category” to select your Category; Then tap on “Advanced”

5- Enter a Description for your Transaction; Tap to add a Photo of the Receipt (IAP); If you want to set up a Repeat Transaction, tap on the 
Repeat button

6- Select Repeat Interval: Daily/Weekly etc; Select From Date; Select Until Date; Tap “Save” on the top right to save your Transaction


  1. How do I make budgets? I always see the option to put a transaction into a budget but when I click on that option there are no budgets to display and I’ve found no way of adding setting up budgets.

  2. Good Afternoon,
    how come if i choose the repeat option on my transactions,
    i don’t see them in the month after
    and it’s not coumnted in my account budget.

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