Managing your Accounts, Categories and Subcategories is really easy in MoneyCoach. Here you will learn how to delete, edit or add new Categories & Subcategories.

Here’s how to do it:

1 – On the Accounts card, tap “View All”

2 – Swipe left on top of an account and select Edit

3 – Here you can change the name, icon, currency and the current amount, meaning that you can reconcile the account to fix any discrepancies.

4 – Tap “Save” and you are done.

5 – Congratulations! You just learned how to manage your Accounts.


You can apply the same principles for the Categories, here’s how you do it:

1 – Tap the gear icon in the Overview to go to the Settings screen

2 – Go to “General” and find “Categories”

3 – To add a new Category tap on the + symbol

4 – Here you can:

  • Enter the name of the new Category
  • Select type “Expense” or “Income”
  • Select an icon
  • Tap Save

5 – To edit an existing Category swipe left on top of a Category and tap Edit

6 – To add a new Subcategory inside a Category, tap the + symbol

7 – Tap on a Subcategory, to edit it; To delete a Subcategory, swipe left on top of the Subcategory

8 – Congratulations! You just learned how to manage your Categories and Subcategories


We also made this helpful video tutorial. Check it out:

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