1 – In 4.0 we are introducing Savings accounts. To use this feature, you have to be an active monthly or yearly premium subscriber

2 – Start creating a new account as you normally do. Saving accounts can be used for any reason, here we are creating a “College Fund” account

3 – Turn On the “Use as Savings account” switch. Savings accounts will not be directly calculated on your Summary Cards

4 – Savings accounts are shown automatically on your Net Worth. You can change that whenever you like, show or not savings or any accounts from the Net Worth

5 – Savings accounts are not calculated/shown on Summary Cards. But again, you can change that!

6 – Go to the Summary Cards settings and tap “Show/hide accounts”. To fully use this feature, you have to be an active monthly or yearly premium subscriber

7 – As you see, Savings accounts are automatically hidden. But you can choose to show the Savings account you just created, it is up to you!

8 – Remember, you can always hide it back. What you do, it is up to you!

9 – Here’s how to make the most out of a Savings account. The example shows how to set up a “Monthly deposit” repeating transfer transaction

10 – Select a Sender account and the Receiver should be your Savings account. How do you get here? Just tap “Transfer” button, you dummy 🙂

11 – Turn on Repeat switch and select the interval and End Date. Or tap “Never” so it just repeats itself over and over again indefinitely… or until the year 2218

12 – This transfer will move and save you money every month. Multiple income sources? Set up as many repeating transfers as you want!

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