Something extremely surprising happened when we made the switch to the subscription model. A lot of free users quickly jumped to complain and bombarded us with negative reviews when the new limit for the free accounts was introduced. This baffled because these people had used MoneyCoach for years, but never considered supporting it anyway, not even leaving a review for the app in the App Store let alone opt-in for the unlimited accounts premium feature we had back then…

Anyway, when talks about expanding the referral system for the accounts started in the office, I was not 100% on board. But since our Boss Monkey has a bigger heart than he probably should, we worked on bringing that system to the accounts too.

So here’s how the accounts referral works:

  • When 2 friends install the app via the link you send them and they open the app, you get a free account credit
  • If you have a locked account in the app, this will be automatically unlocked when 2 friends install and open the app via your link

And a refresher for the budgets referral:

  • When 1 friend¬†installs the app via your link and then opens the app, you get a free budget credit

Remember, two separate things!

Important things to keep in mind:

  • The Budgets Referral system and the Accounts Referral system are two separate entities, each with its unique links so don’t expect to get a free account if 2 friends install the app via the Budgets link or vice-versa
  • Make sure that you enter your Apple ID email address when you are prompted to enter an email address in the app

That’s how the referral system works. If you are happy with it, let us know by leaving a positive review on the App Store or update that old one.

Monkey out!


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