This is a major new feature which will help you get the most out of MoneyCoach. The video tutorial I created, hopefully, contains all of the necessary information on what this new feature is, what it does and how you can access/use it.

If you need more explanations, comment down below, get in touch with us on live chat right here on the website, submit a support ticket or reach us on Facebook or WhatsApp.


  1. Normally the Salary have not the same amount every month, and some jobs have also 13th and 14th Salary in the year (in Italy).
    So, how is possible to manage this situation?


    • Well, if the Salary isn’t the same each month, even though it’s very strange, you should not add a repeating transaction in the first place. Just add each one manually, when you get paid. Second thing, you can do the same for that, add them manually. Thanks

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