This short tutorial will guide you through the process of importing any CSV file into MoneyCoach.
The CSV file can be exported from your bank, or it can be from another app that you were using before to keep track of your money. Download the sample using the button down below to see if your CSV file is compatible with our importer. Do not worry if your file has a different arrangement or is missing a field or two, just try to import it and see what happens.

download sample buttonSince MoneyCoach it is deeply integrated with iOS document recognition, it can open any CSV, anywhere (Mail, Dropbox, Drive etc).

Step 1

In most cases, we use the Messages app for attachments, so I will use the Messages app in this tutorial.

Step 2

First, you need to find and open the CSV file you need to import into MoneyCoach.

Step 3

After that, on the lower left corner, you have the Action Button. Tap it and select “Copy to MoneyCoach” 


Step 4

MoneyCoach will open up, it will prompt you for the TouchID, if you activated it and open the Import Screen. If you are importing a MoneyCoach CSV file, select the “;” as a separator.

Step 5

It is recommended that you do a full Dropbox backup before you start to import. CSV files are always messy and they have different sorts of formats and punctuation. Maybe something can go wrong. And we want to be sure that you can always your data backed up.

In this time MoneyCoach will completely scan your CSV to find the column names that you need to map. You need to map all the fields with the column names found in the CSV.



After mapping all the fields, you hit “Import”. MoneyCoach will do its magic and you are done :).



  1. I have different accounts with different currency.. when i import all files it is set to one currency, that mean nothing is right, how can i do it right?!

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