The CSV file can be exported from your bank, or it can be from another app that you were using before to keep track of your money. Download the sample using the button down below to see if your CSV file is compatible with our importer. Do not worry if your file has a different arrangement or is missing a field or two, just try to import it and see what happens.

download sample buttonSince MoneyCoach it is deeply integrated with iOS document recognition, it can open any CSV, anywhere (Files, Mail, Dropbox, Drive etc).

Here’s how you do it:

1 – Open MoneyCoach, then go to Settings > Import & Export and tap the “Select File” button.

2 – We use the Files app for attachments, so I will use the Files app in this tutorial. Upload the CSV file you want to import to the Files app which is linked to your iCloud Drive folder. Find and select the said file, in our case, it’s the file that is visible.

3 – Now you have to select the delimiter of the file. You can check the delimiter by opening the file on Excel (Windows or Mac), Numbers (Mac) or by Preview (Mac). Select the right delimiter. If you have exported the CSV from MoneyCoach the delimiter is “;”. If you don’t select the correct delimiter, you won’t be able to select the right fields for import.

4 – After you select the correct delimiter, you will have to select the respective fields as you can see in the example screenshot. Now depending on the language, the CSV format etc. some of the selectable fields may have different names or may not be there. Make sure to select all the available fields accordingly. You can download the sample above and copy paste all your data and format it correctly.

5 – Once you select all the fields, it should look something like this. The file used in the example is a file exported from MoneyCoach. Your file might not have all the optional fields like description, currency, subcategory, person/company. If that is the case, select None or Don’t Import for these fields.

6 – Once you are ready, tap the Import button on the top right corner and wait for the process to complete. In some rare cases, the import will keep just spinning and spinning. Quit the app and on reopen your new data should be there.

And that’s all folks!


  1. I have different accounts with different currency.. when i import all files it is set to one currency, that mean nothing is right, how can i do it right?!

    • Yes Joe, now when you import a CSV file on MoneyCoach, we have a dedicated Currency field. However, since Multicurrency is a Premium feature, you need to be subscribed in order to use it.

  2. I switch my phone from iphone to samsung note 9

    I try to move my data from iphone to note9 via import/export feature (CSV file)
    but I found problem
    1.) repeating transection disappear.
    2.) Date And Time of transection is wrong.

    So I can’t completely transfer my data from iphone to note 9 T___T

    thanks for your support

    • Repeating transactions will be imported as transactions, but can’t be imported and become active, if that makes sense, cause it’s practically impossible to do. As for the date, did you select the correct date format when you were prompted? If not, clear all data and try to import the CSV file again. Let me know how it goes!

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