Hello everyone,
as you may know, we are working to make MoneyCoach the best personal finance app in the world. Because we believe that it will change the way people understand and use their money.

With the latest news and awesome technologies presented at WWDC 15, it is our duty to prepare MoneyCoach for the future. And we will do so!

To better fit the Apple ecosystem and to support our massive list of users, we are making some radical changes, first in the background, and then with new features as months go by, culminating with the iOS 9 release.

To support these changes:

  • MoneyCoach will be a new app, so you need to get it again from the Appstore. We are calling it MoneyCoach 2, obviously :).
  • For MoneyCoach v1 users, you can easily import your backup from Dropbox. Super easy.
  • After this, you can enjoy using MoneyCoach

What about the Awesome users who already paid?

We love you guys, you know that. So for a limited time, we are releasing every premium feature of MoneyCoach for free. So you don’t lose nothing.


MoneyCoach 2 new features and planned features

Now, here it comes the sweetest part. What we are working on:

  • iCloud integration. We want to do it right, so we are taking a little time on this.
  • Currencies. MoneyCoach will support changing the currency within the app. It will also update the symbols, decimal separators, etc. It will come really really soon (matter of days).
  • iPad support. Along with the iCloud support, we will add also the iPad support. Still testing it…
  • Budgets. Huge interest on this one. Still working to make it dead simple for the users.
  • Custom notification times. We received a lot of feedback on this one. So now you will set what time you like for the weekly notifications and daily notifications.
  • MoneyCoach for Apple Watch. We are updating it to watchOS 2, so it will improve your interactions with it.
  • Export. Export your transactions data and open them in any app that supports CSVs on your device. You can enjoy this right  now, on MoneyCoach 2.
  • Bug fixes and other stuff like this.

What about articles?

We know that you love articles too, so we are starting collaboration with some amazing personal finance bloggers, to bring you better finance news and tips. If you want to contribute too, please write us a message here.


That’s all for now, we can’t wait to hear your thoughts about this next step in making the best personal finance app in the world. It is a hard road, but we will get there.

We would love to hear your new ideas or vote for proposed ideas, so we can implement them.

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