Mac Specific Features
Clean Overview

The Overview leverages modern OS X concepts. We tried to keep the same feeling of the iPadOS version, with some extra macOS features built on top which makes the app feel more at place in large displays.

Easy Navigation

The new Main Menu allows you to reach everywhere and do almost everything in the app. We also replaced the tab bar with a segmented control in the title bar for a top-down navigation flow.

Context Menus

Right-click on the many different elements and you will get context-specific actions you can quickly execute on the spot. Hide cards, edit or delete budgets, set transactions as shortcuts and so much more.


You can customize MoneyCoach to your liking. Show or hide the Overview cards, sort them how you like, change the app icon and more.


In most of the screens we’ve added sidebars which completely transform and improve drastically how you navigate in the many different tabs.

Dark Mode

We love Dark Mode so we completely redesigned MoneyCoach to fully support a true Dark Mode. It looks stunning!

Keyboard Shortcuts

Quickly add new expenses, incomes, transfers and so much more with keyboard shortcuts.Of course you can always set up your own.

Touch Bar Support

MoneyCoach has full support for the Touch Bar. Quickly navigate in the app or add new transactions with just one tap.

Sync Everywhere

MoneyCoach is available on every Apple device. Sync your data between your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, HomePod and finally your Mac.

Import & Export CSV

In MoneyCoach you can import your data from any previous app or a bank statement via CSV.

Smart Budgets

Are you on vacation? Business trip? Holidays coming soon? Create a budget, stay on budget and save more money!

Custom Smart Goals

Create a custom goal and start your journey towards achieving it. Buy that dream console, laptop, car or even house. MoneyCoach is here to help.

Siri Shortcuts 2.0

Create shortcuts to quickly add your routine transactions or ask Siri about your financials. Fast, easy and very intuitive.

Multi Currency

MoneyCoach is perfect for those who have accounts in multiple currencies. See much is your Net Worth, converted in real time.

Add Attachments

Attach additional information like: Images, PDFs, notes, keywords, you name it, to a transaction you have entered in MoneyCoach.

Backup & Restore

We’ve dropped support for Dropbox. However now you can backup or restore your data wherever and whenever you want.

Detailed Reports

Understand where your money goes with the help of the detailed reports. Filter which accounts you want to see or hide those you don’t want.

Companion App

Adding expenses or incomes is just one tap away. Check how much you can spend every day by just glancing at your Apple Watch.

Helpful Calendar

Use the calendar to check your upcoming future expenses or to quickly add a future transaction.

Persons & Companies

This feature is perfect to track how much money you spent, loaned or owe a specific payee or company.