Today is an incredible day for us as we are thrilled to announce that MoneyCoach gets showcased on Apple’s official website. This is an incredible achievement for our small team. Having a presence on Apple’s official website is no small feat and it serves as a big validation for all of the hard work we’ve been doing with MoneyCoach.

How crazy is that?

We are always among the first ones to add support for the latest iOS, iPadOS and macOS features in MoneyCoach. Siri Shortcuts was one of these major new features that came with iOS 13 and of course, we decided to support it 100% in MoneyCoach. That’s exactly what we did! Using the new Siri Conversational Shortcuts, you can talk to Siri and she will add a transaction in MoneyCoach among doing some other cool things.

Apple noticed and well, the rest is history. Down below are some screenshots of MoneyCoach’s presence in Apple’s website. You can also check it yourself in the links down below.

Check it out yourself here: