Today is a big day for us at MoneyCoach as we are releasing MoneyCoach Blitz on Android. Many of you have requested it since forever and well, it has been a journey, to say the least.

Now we are calling it MoneyCoach Blitz and that is for a really good reason. We are developing it in-house and we want to offer the same experience and level of quality that we have on iOS. However, that awesome iOS app experience you see today has been 4+ years in the making and it’s impossible to cram all of that work and dedication into 3+ months of work done by our amazing Android monkey.

So why the “Blitz” after the name?

This is the first version of MoneyCoach for Android and it is designed to be fast, lightweight and reliable based on what we learned from the iOS version and the time-resources constraints.

In MoneyCoach Blitz you can:

  • Set up all your accounts
  • Check out your Net Worth
  • Set up repeating Income or Expense transactions
  • Track all your Incomes and Expenses very easily
  • Transfer money between your accounts
  • Delete, edit, mark as favorite or create your own Categories & Subcategories
  • Check out the Remaining Budget For Period
  • Check out where you spent the most money in the Top Categories card in the Overview

Now to answer some of the questions you might have:

Do I need to sign up?

You can use MoneyCoach Blitz without having to Sign Up. This might change later when you try to connect with your partner.

Is MoneyCoach Blitz free?

Yes, when it launches MoneyCoach Blitz will be completely free and you can set up unlimited accounts and add unlimited transactions.

Does the Android app connect to the iOS app?

No, not at the moment, but that is the plan. The Android version was built with a new underlying technology that will allow us to talk to the iOS version and do so much more. In order for that to work, we need to update the iOS version with this new technology. However, that is way-way easier said than done. Imagine having to move not to a new house or a town or a country, but to an entirely new continent and you have a family of twelve… that’s a lot of work!

Can I share my data with another Android device eg. with my wife, husband, girlfriend etc.?

No, not from the start, but it will come really soon, maybe in one of the first few updates!

Can I import my data via CSV from another app or bank statement?

Not on the first version. Our Android monkey is going through tons of bananas trying to implement this feature in the app as we speak.

Reports, Budgets, Goals etc.?

All in due time young Padawan.

How can I support you?

Well, downloading the app and using it helps. Sharing the app with your friends and family helps. Sharing the app on your social media helps. Leaving a positive review for what the app is and does, not for what it can or will be, really helps us a lot!


  1. I am using MoneyCoach on iOS but now shifted to Android. How can I transfer the data from iOS to Android?

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