Wait, WHAT?! But before hating the app and leaving 1-star reviews, just hear us out.

TL;DR: We cannot continue to offer the best software you deserve to change your financial life with a one-time payment model. Consider the last 2 years of development a gift from our heart to you, our beloved user. We need to support our running costs, which are becoming unbearable and hire new staff to make your financial life amazing.

As you know, MoneyCoach mission is not to profit from our users.
Our mission is to make you have more money for the most important moments in life.

We were, are and will be with you during your magical student years, when you fall in love with someone and want to have the trip of your life, when you found your first startup and you stay awake till 3AM, when you buy that special ring for that special someone, when you go on your honeymoon or travel the world with friends, when your baby comes to life, when you want to buy your first home…

Although you don’t feel us, we are always there.

Now you know this and you will remember that, always.


The Reason We Are Doing This

It is simply because we care and we want to change your lives for the better.

We know that hundreds of thousands of you use MoneyCoach to manage their personal and/or business finances, stick to budgets and plan ahead for a better future. And as you know, our mission is to give you the best possible tools to realize your dreams.

Our philosophy is based on three core elements:

World Class Support

That is why we offer world-class support for free, anytime (we don’t sleep that much, you get it). Just take a look at hundreds of five-star reviews that underline our kickass support. If you have something, a question about the app or a feature, a bug report or a feature request, our monkeys will reply to you in a matter of minutes if they aren’t on their banana break.

You At The Centre Of Everything

We invest a lot of time in speaking with each individual user, helping them get the most out of the app and letting them choose what we should develop next.

So you vote and decide the future of MoneyCoach. We believe that if you use the app and you love it, then you should be part of the entire process, you should have a voice. There aren’t a lot of companies that give their users such an important role in the life of a product.

Constant And Fast Updates

Another strong pillar is the constant update of the app. Facebook releases an app update once every two weeks, we release it once a week and sometimes even more than that *cough* when a kaiju bug needs extermination *cough*. This is our level of commitment and we will not stop.


Why Are We Developing MoneyCoach?

This is a good question. We created MoneyCoach to solve our own financial problems, keep track of where the money is going, check the Net Worth in real time and track its progression, create and stick to smart budgets and plan for a better financial future. As the time goes by, new money problems arise that need a totally new way of thinking.

That is why we update MoneyCoach constantly with new features. Because at the end of the day, MoneyCoach is a medium or a coach that helps you achieve your dreams and solve more difficult problems.


The State of MoneyCoach Now

Today, you can download MoneyCoach for free and unlock extra features meant for pro users with one time in-app purchases. For normal casual users, the free version is more than enough. You can use all the features and even try the premium ones for free. Check the Guide section of our blog to see what the premium features are and how will they impact your financial life.

The premium features take things up a notch and were designed with pro users in mind. If you have been using MoneyCoach as a pro user for quite a while now, you know these features and how they have affected your financial life.


The Problem

MoneyCoach is a bootstrapped startup, which means that every penny earned is spent on developing the app. But for quite some time now, what MoneyCoach earns with the one time payment system that exists at the moment isn’t enough to cover the basic maintenance such as the bug fixes and small UI changes, let alone designing, developing, prototyping, polishing and delivering new powerful features and extensions that will benefit all of you and make your financial lives easier.

Software maintenance and development continue to increase with every day that passes as we, the developers, have to keep up with the demand to use the latest technologies, to add support for the latest devices, keep support for an increasing number of old devices and be always on the lookout for what’s next.

We read all the messages you sent us and we see every vote on the features lists.
We know you want the OSX version, we know you want the Android version, we know you want to share your budgets with your family members, we know you want online banking. We too want all of those and then some, but what if you told you that the OSX version needs $200K+ to develop?

Everything you see in the app or any other software, someone had to think, design and develop it and this whole process required a lot of time and a lot of money. And continuing like we have done till now with the one-time payment system is impossible.

We want to make MoneyCoach an even more indispensable tool that already is for you and we know that we can.
But we cannot offer that by asking just once for $9,99.


The Solution

MoneyCoach Premium will be offered as a subscription-based model with either monthly or yearly payments.
Premium users will have the ability to get all the basic features plus a continually growing set of premium features.

The subscription model is flexible as it allows you to cancel at any time if you are unsatisfied with the end product. Yes, the app will lock the pro features, but you can still continue to use the basic features for free forever. Subscribe again and you get all the pro features and pick up from where you left off.

And the benefits of this new model do not stop there:

  1. Multiple plans for different types of users.
    MoneyCoach Pro will launch with a flexible monthly plan or an overall cheaper annual plan.
  2. The subscription model makes the app more accessible to many more users.
    Do you want to see what MoneyCoach is all about? Sure, you can try the Pro version for 7 days for free if you subscribe for a month.
  3. Subscriptions will allow us to deliver app updates and powerful pro features even faster.
    You already know how frequently we update MoneyCoach and how many new features, many of them who were suggested by you, have we added in a short amount of time. The subscription model will allow us to push them out even faster making MoneyCoach better and more helpful for you.
  4. Predictions? Goals? Savings/Checkings? Online Banking? Advanced Reports? Premium Support?
    The and many more awesome Pro features that will help you get out of debt quicker and coach you how to spend your money are just a subscription away.



We have thought a lot about the price and the value of MoneyCoach and we think that paying as much as an espresso a month is a fair price. We know that MoneyCoach has helped you all save more money and has made your personal and business financial lives easier, cause hey, you have told us.

If you cannot drink one less coffee a month and invest it for your future, then MoneyCoach is not right for you.

So what is our plan:

Monthly plan 1.99 € (or 1.99 in your local currency) – 7 days free trial

Yearly plan 19.99 € (or 19.99 in your local currency) save 15% – 1-week free trial

What about the full premium current users?

We love our current users and they know it better than anyone.

That is why, if you have supported us by buying the full premium upgrade, you will get to use the premium features included at that time for free, forever! The same thing goes for any in-app purchase, you will get to use that feature for free, forever.

This is way too much for me, I will not pay for it

Well, before you go any further, please put the things into perspective:

* Your music subscription costs 9.99$ a month.

* Your Netflix subscription costs 10.99$ a month.

* Your premium todo list app costs 4.99$ a month.

* Your premium text editor app costs 4.99$ a month.

* Your daily Starbucks caffeine intake is at least 3.99$.


Just reflect on this one today, before you go to sleep:

How much are you willing to invest in your financial freedom?


You should know this better than us. If you believe that it is worth way more than just an espresso a month, as it is, then we are happy to assist you.

If not, you can still use the app, no strings attached.
Just think of this article before you leave that hateful review.

Thanks for being part of our incredible journey,
Perjan and the team


  1. I’m premium user.
    I just upgraded.
    Monthly 1,49 euro is nothing for your great work. And bananas are not free in my supermarket.
    So, keep going guys!

    But fix “restore premium functions…” button 😜

    • Hi Alberto,
      The monthly sub will be 1,99 in your local currency and currently, there’s a problem on Apple sides about approving this subscription so we had to remove the app from the store until that problem is cleared.

      Thanks for the amazing support!

  2. I can just say that, if there is an app I would pay forever, this one is MoneyCoach. There’s a billions reason for that: devs are awesome, monkey updates are lovely, app overall is beautifully designed, they listen the user and implement requested features (but stricken to apps values), etc.

    And, if you just use the app, chances are you will save enough that the price of subscription would disappear.

    Anyway, keep up the good work guys!

    PS: just please remove the vertical scroll in homescreen and leave us the option to remove unwanted things/card overthere.

    PS2: Love to see the dark mode and new app icons in roadmap! hope to get it soon.

    PS3: Restore premium purchase is not working 🙁

    PS4: great videogame. I bought one with money saved with the help of Moneycoach.

  3. 2 or 3 days ago i cannot tracking my expense and restore premium function, i think it is so long time. You know about this before? I shoudn’t got this update!

    • Hi Daokung,
      the bug was killed with a sonic blaster ;).
      Update coming today… or tomorrow, depending on Apple.

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