MoneyCoach gives you a grip on your personal finances.

It helps you save more and spend smarter. And rewards you for reaching your goals.

Online Banking

Connect to your bank account and automatically get all transactions. Perfect if you live that cashless life in the year 3000.

*Online Banking feature is currently available only for the German and Austrian regions
Smart Budgets

“A smart budget for every day keeps the doctor away.” – old monkey proverb

For Every Day

Food, coffee, drinks, weekends, bus tickets, whatever, just create a budget and stay on budget!

For Every Occasion

Are you on vacation? Business trip? Holidays coming soon? Create a budget and stay on budget!

For All Time

Create a budget, select a back date and see how much you saved using MoneyCoach! The answer might surprise you.

One App, Multiple Devices

MoneyCoach automatically syncs data over your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Mac seamlessly, if you are a good person. Otherwise, it’s 50/50.


We just made achieving your dreams way easier. How? IDK, but we just did!

Custom Goals

Create a custom goal and start your journey towards achieving it. Buy that dream console, laptop, car or even house. We’re here just to help.

Tailored Goals

Our crack team of monkeys have worked (still are) hard on the Goal Nudging AI. Select one of these goals and well, start your journey towards achieving it. Yes, yes, we may be repeating ourselves, but it’s that awesome!

Always By Your Side

No, no, we’re not stalking you. This section is just about our awesome Apple Watch app.

One Tap Away

Adding expenses or incomes is just one tap away. Or you can let Siri do all the heavy lifting.

Real Time Networth

Quickly get a read on all your accounts

Daily Budget

Check how much you can spend every day at a glance

Bravo Six, Going Dark

Experience MoneyCoach in true Dark Mode. It looks stunning!

MoneyCoach on Mac

MoneyCoach is available to download on all Macs running macOS Catalina.

Mac First

The app feels like a true Mac app, cause well, we decided to remake most of the UI and UX with Mac users in mind.

Apple Ecosystem

Now you can use MoneyCoach on your Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad, HomePod and Mac seamlessly via Data Sync. How crazy is that?!

In The Press

Fully Packed

The app has a lot of features and since I’m really tired to talk about all of them, I’ll just list them.

  • Siri Shortcuts

  • Advanced Reports

  • Multi-Currency

  • Private & Secure

  • Quick Entry

  • Totally Customizable

  • Informative Calendar

  • Payee & Companies

  • Future Transactions


What is MoneyCoach?

MoneyCoach is a personal finance app available on the iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. It helps you compare your income to your expenses, understand where your money goes and set and achieve goals. MoneyCoach lets you keep track of the details as you spend money: where, when, what, why, & how much.

Is MoneyCoach private?

Absolutely. We have the utmost respect for your privacy. Your information is safe and secure with MoneyCoach. And it stays on your device.

What currencies are available?

All of them: from the American Dollar to the Albanian lek. (Premium Feature)

How secure is MoneyCoach?

MoneyCoach is secured using Passcode, Touch ID or FaceID, so you can sleep safely… that is if Ethan Hunt is not around 😉

How much does it cost?

We offer MoneyCoach Premium for our power users. If you are a normal user, you can still get all the most used features for free. But if you want to support future development and the team, you can subscribe to MoneyCoach Premium and unlock extra powerful features.

Are there any ads?

Nope. We hate ads, just like you do.

How do you make money?

Good question. The idea is to build a really good basic version that everyone can use and love. But we have to keep the lights on so we offer optional premium features packaged as part of our MoneyCoach Premium subscription starting from $3.99 a month.

Are you available on Android?

Of course! Search for MoneyCoach Blitz on the Google Play Store and download the app.

Can I save pictures of receipts?

Yes, of course. (Premium Feature)

Can I login from my computer?

Yes! You can download and use MoneyCoach on your Mac and sync to all of your other Apple devices. It’s truly magical!

Can I use Siri to do all the heavy-lifting?

Heck Yeah! Adding transactions using Siri on the Apple Watch is the newest and most kickass feature yet.

Can I import data from other accounting softwares?

You can import your financial data from any other app or software that you have. All you need is a CSV file 🙂

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